Luggage Transfer

If you are spending time in Tokyo\Osaka prior to your stay with us in Hakuba please consider sending your ski gear & other suitcases directly to the lodge.

Takkyubin or TA-Q-BIN is a handy luggage delivery service which will send your luggage to anywhere in the country including the airport, which will make travelling on the trains a lot easier as you don’t need to carry your heavy bags up and down platforms and stairs as well as crowded trains.

The Hakuba store is open from 8:00 to 20:00 daily.
It require at least 2 days to complete deliver. Please plan and let us know in advance if you thinking send your luggage via Takkyubin service.

In addition, they need a strict full 72 hours for luggage headed to the airport as they need to be certain you will receive it before your flight. The estimated cost to send one piece of luggage is less than ¥2000.